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  • Recreational Skippers Ticket training and assessment, boat supplied, all inclusive: $290.00
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  • Marine chartwork and GPS, 3.5 hours: $80.00
  • Rope work, knots and splicing, 3 hours: $65.00
  • Depth sounder theory and practical training, using simulators: $130.00

“There are no secrets in operating fish finder only facts”

This work shop is evidence based, has been designed to assist fishers who have little or no experience using a coloured fish finder, and will provide new insights to the more experienced fishers seeking to obtain more knowledge.

 The course contents has been organised into four sections each section will give a general over view that can be applied to all coloured fish finders and will include:
What a fish finder is ? How does it work? Why is it needed? How do we use it?

Manufactures who design fish finders (and transducers) have developed a range of operating functions specifically designed to help fishers to target fish. Understanding the basic principles of how these functions work combined with an understanding of how to decode the information recorded the display monitor, will assist fishers to develop their own skills and knowledge when operating a fish finder taking out much of the guess work. With this knowledge fishers can make informed decisions about how to target fish, and how to identify fishing grounds that can potentially produce those fish.